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Mrs Donna

Mrs Donna

Fecha: 11/04/2002 08:50:13 a.m. Hora de verano del Pacíf
From: Donna
Dear Dr. Donato,
Thank you so much for taking time to respond to my concerns. In reading
your e-mail, I breathe freer. My heart feels comfort. I am happy you
receive a little bit more for the treatments. You of all people deserve
this. And still it is not unreasonable. I remain so grateful in my heart
to you and IPT. I know without a doubt that I would not be alive today if
not for your genuine kindness. The difference between you and American
doctors is that you have the spirit of a true Healer and the doctors here
are just doctors. That is a very big difference, one which I personally
understand and deeply appreciate.
You remain the first doctor that I feel completely comfortable with in my
entire life. I respect you and recognize the mountain of challenges you face
in working with the American doctors and spreading IPT.
My book will talk about you. I shall not list the doctors in America though
I know people will find their way to them. I want them to know about you
and your family and the wonderful gift that you have brought to me and
anyone else who wishes to receive this most precious gift.
I have personally experienced the passing of over 51 people from my family,
friends, and associates in the last 5 years, the majority died of cancer.
I am alive and flourishing. I still grow stronger each day.
My first gratitude is to God that he has allowed me more time on this
precious earth. My second gratitude is to God that he revealed IPT to your
Grandfather. My third gratitude is to your Grandfather for having the
courage to follow what he felt to be true. My fourth gratitude is to to
your Grandmother for mothering your father that he might continue his
father’s work. My fifth gratitude is to your mother for her efforts in
bringing you onto the earth. And my greatest gratitude it to you Dr. Donato
for continuing this work, for having faith in what you know to be true, for
your sincerity, for your healing spirit, for your kindness, and for the
healing of my body which you participated in so wonderfully.
Thank you Dr. Donato for taking time to send me this email. I feel much
better. I still think the American Doctors are thieves and that is just the
way it is. I shall also forgive them for their greed and egotism.
I am so glad you are my doctor!
Thank you Dr. Donato.
Donna McDermott
Additional comments by Brian McDermott, Donna’s husband.
To Those Thinking of Becoming Patients of Dr Donato:
My name is Brian McDermott. I am the husband of Donna McDermott whose information you may have read on the website.

The reason I am writing this letter is that while Donna was being treated I would sit in the waiting room and I had the opportunity to speak to many new patients and their spouses and family members. They would ask me so many questions looking for simple information and reassurance.
I am hoping that this letter will serve something of that purpose.
Here are some of the questions and my answers.
Q: How do you feel about Dr. Donato?
A: Aside from my brother who was trained as an orthopedic surgeon, I have only met one other medical professional as caring as Pat –and that is Dr. Donato. 
Both my wife and I felt that he had that special gift that made you you feel better just being around him. He never took cases where he felt IPT would not be of benefit. When he accepted Donna as a patient he was always honest and optimistic. And he knew how to listen. When she said she was weak, or strong , he adjusted the treatment accordingly. If she was frightened he explained what was happening and reassured her. If something came up that required additional research, he made the extra effort. I think he is a wonderful doctor.
Q: Does insurance cover the costs of the treatment?
A: Some policies may, in our case we had to pay for the treatments out of pocket.
However, our policy did cover a good deal of the testing.
Q: Wasn’t that expensive?
A: From one perspective, it was. I am not well off by any means. However from another perspective, it wasn’t. It is a small price to pay for being alive. And for having quality of life.
Another thing that was of financial help were the connections and resources that Dr.

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