Friday, May 27, 2016

Written Testimonials

Dr.Donato Perez Garcia

 Hospital Angeles Tijuana



Mrs Elna B.

Dear Dr. Garcia,
Thank you for your dedication to our health. I feel such hope. How can
I ever thank you enough?
Thank you for being available for questions.
1. Is diarrhea normal the second day after treatment or was that more
likely due to travel? I get tense when I travel away from my own
2. Is there any advantage to taking more treatments each week? I have
never been known for patience. I want to be well right now. If I take
two or three treatments per week will I blast the cancer faster or will
it be too much for my healthy cells? My company is anxious for me to be
well and back handling my job properly.
3. Would it be good to tell my oncologist at the Huntsman Center about
you? Would he be likely to want to meet you and learn from you or would
he try to cause you trouble? He seems to care about me. I told him a
little about the treatment but that I got the information from the
Internet. He said it was my money if I wanted to waste it. The
lymphatic tumor is at least half the size it was and now feels fuzzy
around the edges instead of being a solid ball. There is no way he will
not notice the improvement. What do you want me to tell him?
4. There is another clinic I work with that uses essential oils. I want
to tell them about you. I think they may want to add your treatment to
their program. They are a research clinic. They are larger than
Marietta’s clinic. They have two full time doctors, a nutritionist,
massage therapists, psychologists etc. I can’t wait to tell the world
but am also aware of how closed minded . . . no, money minded the MA
is. I know I must be careful.
Thank you again for your concern for our health. Thank you for being
reasonable with your pricing. Thank you for caring about God. It
breaks my heart that here a doctor cannot say what you said to me about
God healing without danger of a lawsuit. The only religion allowed
anymore is atheism. With all the bounties we as US citizens have we
have to get too selfish to thank God. Bless you for recognizing His
Thank you, thank you with all my heart!
Elna “Miracle” Bjorge



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