Friday, May 6, 2016

Connie's Testimonial

Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT©  or Insulin Potentiation low dose Therapy IPTLD®, it is a metabolic supported chemotherapy, sometimes called “MSCT”. It involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy.


I was diagnosed November 14, 2002 with breast cancer. It was a slow growing, 6mm malignant tumor. It was never given a “stage”, nor was it tested to determine whether it was estrogen positive. I was told I could only find that out if I’d had surgery. We must assume it is estrogen positive, to be on the safe side.
I began treatments January 8, 2003, weekly for about 4 months, then bi-weekly, then monthly and currently every 4 months. My progress was very fast in the beginning. After 4 treatments the ultrasound revealed it shrunk to 3.9 mm. It slowly progressed (shrunk) over the course of the next 2 years. My prognosis now is very good. It was established in July of 2004 that, although there could me microscopic cancer cells still present, essentially the tumor was nothing but a shell. My mammogram in November 2004 revealed a “mass” measuring 6mm – in other words, “nothing had changed in 2 years”. That’s not exactly accurate, as the surrounding breast tissue is normal, there is only peripheral blood supply, and it could no longer be felt by palpation. It has been determined that the “mass” is nothing more than scar tissue, debris, and white cells.
My life did not change at all while undergoing treatments. I had absolutely NO side effects, continued working and home schooling, and lived life! I have NEVER felt sick or run-down. I actually felt as healthy, if not more, while undergoing treatments. I do take Juice Plus and other supplements such as spirulina and vitamins, but that’s just common sense, and did have acupuncture, chiropractic, and lymph drainage early on in my treatments. I never had surgery or any conventional therapies.
IPT and Dr. Donato are blessings and it’s the only therapy I recommend. Cancer is an epidemic, and thank God there is a viable alternative to conventional chemo!

If we were ever going to use chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, for any of us - it would be with this Dr. Donato Perez.
If any of our family were Ever to use Chemotherapy as a cancer treatment - this is hand's down the best choice.
Dr. Donato Perez is way ahead of any treatments going on in the U.S. or the rest of the world.  If you know someone with cancer that is considering chemo - have them check this clinic out, or call me and I'll help them get information.
In a nutshell:
Since cancer feeds on sugar - and we can use that knowledge, to kill it.
 *Since cancer cells are up to 100x's stronger than healthy cells - they gobble up (whatever we eat - which converts into glucose blood sugar) before the good cells can - and literally starve the patient to death. (That's why someone in last stages of cancer waste away to skin & bones yet the tumor grows)
Dr. Donato Perez helps your own body attack & kill cancer cells by
1.) Clinically dropping your blood sugar level, where your cells are hungry. It is safe under his expertise of more than 33 years of experience.
2.) Administers Chemo (at much less dosage than in the U.S.) along with glucose sugar.
3.) The stronger, hungry cancer cells grab on to the incoming "smart bomb" chemo laced sugar, and die.
Because the cancer cells beat the healthy cells to the "poison food" - they die and the healthy cells aren't poisoned and can begin to get stronger in fighting to kill off the rest of the abnormal cells.
As is the case with any good thing, including this IPT or IPTLD therapy, you have copy-cat thieves who would deceive those desperate for help - if the thief can profit from it. Go to the best experienced medical doctor. Choose safe, look for experience.


I hope this helps and hope to see you soon!
Trabuco Canyon, CA.
Survivor since 2003 

Contact Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, MD
Office: +1.619.798.8017 (Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm) You can leave a message.
Office: +521.664.616.4878 (Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm) You can leave a message.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT©  or Insulin Potentiation low dose Therapy IPTLD®, it is a metabolic supported chemotherapy, sometimes called “MSCT”. It involves fasting, insulin and chemotherapy.

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