Thursday, September 9, 2010

The tumors keep shrinking

September 9, 2010
Dear Dr. Donato,

Dr. Kroiss has given me a hint that I might find you on Facebook and I am glad I did.

Today, I have had my 17th IPT session for breast cancer. My cancer seems to be slow growing, so I need a little more patience, it seems.

The tumors keep shrinking, though.

I wish to personally thank you for all your efforts in the IPTLD/IPT area, it is such a wonderful approach to fight cancer.

Secondly, I think it deserves so much more credit! (Who am I to say this, I hope you will forgive me.)

Anyway, to do my part, I have created a facebook group called "IPT against cancer" where I would like to encourage people to place IPT testimonials.

May I ask you to have a look and maybe support me?

Anyway, thanks for all your hard & smart work and for your endurance.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sabine Heinemann
The Netherlands

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